Caramel Apple Fright Night- $5
Halloween Brains- $2 each
sandalwood & green tea
Sandalwood & Green Tea Bar Soap. $5 each.
orange grove
Orange Grove Bar Soap. $5 each.
rose quartz soap
Rose scented soap with Rose Quartz crystal. $6.00
kids soap
Animal Eraser Kid Soap (Apple Berry or Orange Rose scented). $4.00 each
kids soap 1
Animal Eraser Kid Soap (Apple Berry or Orange Rose scented). $4.00 each
Peppermint star
Star Shaped Peppermint Holiday Celebration Soap. $4
patchouli wave soap
Patchouli Wave Bar Soap. $5
holiday bar soap
Holiday Celebration Peppermint Soap Bars. $5
soap sock
Soap Sock. Handmade cotton sock to hold your favorite bar of soap. Washcloth and soap all in one easy to handle item.  Without soap: $4.00
kids corner 1
Soaps for kids! Toy car soaps and many more: $4.00
kids corner
Soaps for kids! Dinosaur, Duckling, and prize soaps: $4.00
Soap Infused Loofah: $6
Pumpkin Spice Donut Soap: $6.00
cupcake soap
Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Icing Soap: $6.00
coffee soap
French Vanilla Coffee: $3.00



House warming soap
House Warming Soap: $4
orange bundt soap
Orange Cream Bundt Soap: $6.00
tigers eye soap 2
“Feel Good” scented soap with Tigers Eye stone. $6.00







**All soap products are made with natural Glycerin & Shea Butter**

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